Monday July 24th

On Monday we got an early start on the BRP and had another great day. Again traffic was light and the weather was even better (sunny and warm). As we headed north the road started to straighten out a little (well as straight as it can get in the mountains). We finished the BRP around 7pm that evening and found a local campsite in Waynesboro, VA. It was a trailer camp with many retired folk. We got a few stink-eyes when we arrived and were told (yelled at) to "GO SLOW ON THE PARK ROAD". This was before we had even started our bikes. Needless to say we had a quick dinner at Appleby's, grabbed some beer and talked 'til the wee hours of the morning (okay, it was only until 1).
On Tuesday morning we got another early started and decided to head for home. We got a little turned around in the beginning and only went about 80 miles in the first four hours (but the road was awesome, if you have time take 250 from OH to VA, it'll be worth it). After a good lunch we got on track and headed for home. By the time we reached GR it was 3am Wednesday morning and 830 miles later. We were beat but it was fun!