Sunday July 23rd

On Sunday we awoke to clear skies (we camped Saturday night as well) and hit the road to grab some breakfast. After breakfast we back-tracked about 70 miles to get on the BRP closer to the start (and hit Lowes to fix a few mishaps). The BRP was awesome! The south end is very curvy with major elevation changes. We had a great time as traffic was light and the weather wasn't bad (read: no rain). During an excursion for gas one rider had a little off-road adventure but they were fine and we were able to pull the bike back up the mountain. A couple hours in the local Wal-Mart parking lot and the bikes was a good as new! After this excitement we decided to find a place for the night. We ended up motel'n it at the Pixie Motor Inn. This place was 1970's at it's best! The price was right though and we all got beds that evening.