Saturday July 22nd

Once up and packed we decided to head for the Gap (Tail of the Dragon). Mark had to leave us at this time as he had to be back home the next day. We were in rain gear for the majority of the morning (threatening skies). We hit some rain but it had cleared and dried up by the time we got to US129. We rode the Gap and then hung out at the store. Most of the guys did the Gap two more times while Marc and I enjoyed the 'sites'. We almost got killed by a MACK dumptruck that ran off the road just across from the store. Luckily the guy corrected and didn't hammer us into the mountain (800 miles of riding and almost killed standing around...). After the Gap we headed to the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway, our ride for the next 2 days. The last picture is of a guy who went down just before we went through.