1993 HD Sportster 1200

Done (well, sorta)

- FLHT rear air shocks
- Progressive front springs and new fork seals

Fall 2008
- NRHS 1250 kit
- Hurricane pushrod bases (one piece, nice!)
- lots of new gaskets
- Jetting...
- more break in...

2008 Pics
Winter 2008 :
- base gaskets
- new rear tire
- fix aux. light bracket
- paint motor JD Blitz Black
- paint front suspension JD Blitz Black
- add a Tour Tank

Completed winter 2007 :
- paint rear fender and struts JD Blitz Black

The following was completed during the 2006 season :
- Jagg oil cooler and thermostat
- new AGM battery
- Voltage gauge
- 1994 oil tank upgrade kit (my tank was cracked and leaking)
- Mustang Super Touring seat
- taller backrest (homemade) to hold T-bag
- new battery cables (2GA)
- driving lights (Hella FF50 mounted off the frame)
- better carb bracket (Buell)

The following items were completed spring 2005 :
- new front and rear tires, Metzeler ME880's
- clean and repacked wheel bearings
- rejet of the carb ('88 needle, 42 pilot, 185 main)
- oil breather hoop
- new throttle cables
- finally fixed and repainted (JD Blitz Black) the fenders (front was dented, rear was pushed in on the right side)
- new brake pads front and rear
- put the SE exhaust back on (drag pipes put away, for now...)
- adjusted gauges to allow the windshield to fit better

I also picked up a new helmet, a Shoei RF1000 (my Shoei RF200 was getting a little old) and a new jacket - Joe Rocket Ballistic 4.0.

Late 2004
The beginning (2004)